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March Madness! Save 15% with Promo code "MarchMad" during checkout.
March Madness! Save 15% with Promo code "MarchMad" during checkout.

BlingLights Brand 4x Hi/Lo Bright LED Headlights for 1977-1981 Pontiac Firebird

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Easy Plug And Play Headlights Will Replace All 4 Original Quad Sealed Beam Headlights. BlingLights Brand.

4 x Brightest Output LED Headlights
4 x Socket Conversion Kit Plug & Play Harness Connector Wires
Installation Directions

BlingLights Brand
DOT Approved With Lens Markings
Newest Chip LEDs for Improved Performance & Durability
Highest Ratings for Water, Dust & Shock Resistance
Plug & Play Installation Without Any Cutting
New Jersey Based Company With Local Support

5600 Lumesn
6000 Kelvin
IP68 Water, Dust & Shock Resistance
45 Watts Per Lamp
ABS Lens, Aluminum Housings

Frequently Asked Questions

How to wire the headlights and how to go from 2 prong to 3 prong?
One hot prong is high beam, one hot prong is low beam and one is the ground. Only connect the corresponding hot wire for the type of beam used in that particular lamp. For example if your vehicle has 4 headlights; 2 on the inside or high beam and 2 on the outside are high beam then only hook up the low beam prongs for the outside and only hook up the high beam prongs to the inside. The unused hot prong just leave unconnected. Each lamp has the ability to do both high and low beam settings. Directions with diagram is included to show in more detail as well.

Customer Feedback:

I installed these on a 2nd Gen Firebird and they fit well. There is a noticeable difference in how bright the lights are. The required pin adapter is included. They work fine without the capacitor. I attached two photos, the first is low beams and the second is high beams. I highly recommend these head lights.