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BlingLights Brand Bright Headlights Set for 1970-1976 Pontiac Firebird

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$128.99 - $128.99
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Listing includes 2 lamps with premium bulbs. Lamps may appear slightly different than shown. Professional Installation Recommended.

- New Modular Housing Allows Use of Easily Replaceable, Common Size H4 Bulbs (included), LED Compatible
- Lamps And Included Bulbs Do Both 65w High And 55w Low Beam
- New Parabolic Reflectors Provide Dramatically Better Light Spread Over Sealed Beam
- Extra Set of H4 Wiring Harness Connectors Included to More Easily Upgrade The Existing Wiring to Accommodate Modern Lamps
- Lamps are up to 50% brighter than sealed beam with included bulbs and also compatible with HID or LED for even brighter output.
- Hardened Glass Lenses And Stainless Metal Housings for Long Lasting Performance
- Give Your Headlights Modern Performance While Retaining Original Appearance

7" 178mm Round Headlights to Replace H6024 Sealed Beam